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For the second blog assignment, we were asked to venture on a specific street and photograph people with inspiring outfits and get to know them a little. Accordingly, I chose a girl and a boy to have two different fashion perspectives.

Last week, I decided to spend my Saturday evening walking around the Old Port of Montreal with my family. It had been a long time since I had gone there. It is a place that represents my childhood , I always went to the science center growing up, fascinated by all the scientific phenomena that I could not explain at the time. It made me really nostalgic, for I had forgotten about it. So I decided to choose La Place de la Promenade for the article. It’s amazing to think that this place has been around for more than 350 years. This port has played a key role in the economic activity of the metropolis. More than 12.5 million tons of merchandise used to transit through Montreal. In 1963, it was declared as a historic district. Since 2005, the old port has been redesigned to become a touristic attraction. It welcomes annually 6 million visitors.

Lucky for me, Gloria happened to be one of them. Her incredible fashion sense made her stand out from the crowd. I’m usually not a fan of pink, but I found that her purse truly brought a unique touch to the outfit. It perfectly complemented her camel shaded Wilfred Boissier shorts made of authentic vegan suede from Aritzia as well as her 100% viscose Italian black Rio top from Brandy Melville. Her accessories were like the cherry on the cake, they added an elegant touch to the ootd. The Aviator sunglasses come from Rayban. They bear their name because they were originally designed for the pilots of the US air force since 1937. They remain trendy despite their age. As for her 100% coton bandana print scarf it comes from Forever21. To top it all off, her cute fluffy Steve Madden faux fur slippers really put the finishing touch to the outfit.

However Gloria’s exquisite sense of style isn’t the only thing that defines her. Born and raised in Canada but originally from El Salvador, she pursued a career as a makeup artist based in Mississauga Ontario. She’s currently an education trainer for new stores in the Greater Toronto Area. I’m glad I had the chance to meet her!

Outfit Price

  • Glasses : $190,00
  • Bandana : $14,90
  • Top : $20,00
  • Purse : ≈ $1000,00
  • Shorts : $75,00$
  • Shoes : $40,00

TOTAL = $1339,90


My evening didn’t end there, later that night I met another makeup artist: Clément.  He is a new youtuber who uses his channel to inspire and share his passion: makeup. He discovered his passion by stealing his sister’s makeup and draws his inspiration from several celebrities of the beauty industry such as Jeffree Star, Coco Channel, Katy Perry. He admires these artist because they all value self-confidence and acceptance. I stalked his channel and his style immediately captivated me! He distinguishes himself by his unique colorful style that pops. I suggest you go take a quick look at Clementime his Instagram and Youtube channel! Don’t worry, all the products he uses are cruelty-free, a very important moral for him. On a more serious note, he is currently studying at the Gérald-Godin college in Social Science and he wants to go into the field of politics as a deputy.

Clément’s outfit

My favourite part of the outfit was obviously his makeup. Honestly, it was surprising to see a guy wearing makeup, but I absolutely loved it! I believe in equality and I admire his confidence. His shark print cotton slim fit shirt from Le Château was matching his black umbrella as well as his Ralph Lauren shoes. All of this, was completed with a pink cotton pair of shorts from American Eagle. Let’s not forget his cruelty-free backpack from Matt&Nat.

Clement you have really marked me with your beautiful energy, I wish you success!

Outfit Price

  • Shirt : $50,00
  • Umbrella : $15,00
  • Shoes : $80,00
  • Shorts : $70,00
  • Backpack : $175,00

TOTAL = $390,00

To conclude this article, I would like to thank Gloria and Clément for their time. I loved writing this about interesting people like you with such an amazing style. What a coincidence to have found two makeup artists in one night! May we meet again.



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Have you ever been in a place that makes you feel like home? A place that you never want to leave and that makes you feel like there are endless possibilities in the world. A place that fills you with an energy so powerful that it puts a big smile on your face. For me that place is Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, it’s my home away from home.

What charms me the most in this cozy little town is its tranquility. It is located by the waterfront and surrounded by many boats .The landscape is splendid especially at dusk when the sun sets. The view of the orange tinted sky is so clear. It makes you wanna fly and reach for the clouds and gives you this overcoming feeling of calmness and serenity. After the sun sets, when the sky is full of stars, the streets are full of bright terrasses and the smells of bars, grills and sea food overcomes the air .There are also plenty of small shops. The old aesthetic of the buildings takes you back to another era. After a long day of studying and working, the relief I feel when I go there is unexplainable. The mere thought of being there makes me feel better. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are some really fun activities to do! The island offers various cruises at affordable prices. The cruise sails on the shores of Perrot & Dowker Island and offers stunning views of Mount Royal, the Oratory and the towers of downtown Montreal. There is also the Bellevue Observatory, from which you can watch the stars. Another very interesting place to visit is the House of Tourism of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. It offers free exhibitions on the island’s historical heritage. Then there is the famous Sainte-Anne market which sells local products and even organizes culinary workshops. Not to mention the Montreal Aviation Museum. It is the only museum in Quebec where Quebec and Montreal’s aeronautical histories are exhibited. Let’s not forget it’s Ecomuseum Zoo, Morgan                                                                  Arboretum and Macdonald Campus Farm. Honestly,                                                                      there is everything.

The place I visit most often remains the waterfront. No matter how many times I go there, I am always amazed by the beauty of the scenery. It’s truly breathtaking! Oh, I almost forgot, Sainte-Anne also organizes concerts and themed evenings. My favourite themed night ever was the Salsa Party. No, I don’t know how to salsa dance, but that didn’t stop me from being carried away by the rhythm and the enthusiasm of the crowd. Little secret, during the evening I went to a more quiet place to watch a salsa tutorial on youtube, because I just couldn’t understand how to dance simply by watching the others moves. I left that event with a little more knowledge on salsa dancing and unforgettable memories. It is truly a place that caters to every occasion. It can vary from being a romantic destination for a date to being just a place to visit with family and friends. I highly suggest you go take a look for yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Finally, for the curious ones, here is an excerpt from the official site of the island which speaks about the history of its first canal :

The first canal and the first lock were built between 1840 and 1843. The Government’s wharf at the end of Rue Saint-Pierre was built around 1850 and used by both passengers and cargo. Unlike the old ones, our current lock and canal were renovated between 1875 and 1882 with new holds where citizens could secure their boats. Numerous passenger ships docked at Sainte-Anne’s, including the Old Field (before 1860), the Prince of Wales (between 1860 and 1869), the Sovereign (from 1889 on) and the Empress (until 1935). Today, yachtsmen from across the province and the United States visit us every summer and happily borrow that impressive lock that makes us all so proud.

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Saint-Jean-Baptiste is recognized as the national holiday of Quebecors, and celebrates the beginning of summer. This year it was celebrated with a circus theme during the Mozaik parade. It is the third consecutive year that I have taken part in the parade with the 867 squadron. We represented the legend of the Makesh. 
The legend of Makesh is a love story, telling the tale of a princess named Maya and her forbidden love for the simple king’s assistant. Since the princess was promised in marriage to the prince of another kingdom, her father, the king, convicted his assistant to a life under beetle form in order to silence the love of the forbidden couple. However, the shaman who transformed the young man into a beetle offered the insect to the princess. After receiving the beetle, the princess decided to decorate it with precious stones so that she could wear it as a living brooch tied to her heart for the rest of her life. For the parade, we brought the scarabs of the legend as well as the royal family to life.
I was representing the princess. All the costumes and elements of decoration were built by hand. It took several weeks but thanks to the amazing teamwork, it was a very pleasant and efficient experience. On the day of the parade I was very excited that the world could finally admire the product of all our hard work. Despite the rain, we went out in the streets with the other groups under the rhythm of the music pieces that we had practiced all year. In addition, the lights on the costumes truly rendered the visual effects captivating! The evening ended well with a wonderful show and fireworks. I would very much like to thank Tina Struthers who deserves credit for all this work. It was honestly the best parade and I hope I’ll get to do it again next year.
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Hello everyone!

My name is Alexandra, Miss Teenage Monteregie 2017! You’ve probably never heard of this place, but it’s my role to make it a little more known with your support. I will never forget the moment I was crowned. There were two places left and the tension was unimaginable. The moment I realized they called my name, I felt like I was going to fly. This title reminds me that I am able to fulfill my dreams and I hope that I will give you the inspiration to do the same.Through my eyes, every girl had a lot of potential and I am proud of every one of us. As my first pageant, this is an experience I will never forget and I am very excited to bring you with me on this journey!


There are three aspects of my life that define me. First of all, there’s my family. I have two brothers and a sister. Unlike many siblings, we are very close. I would even say that my sister is my best friend. We were born in Romania and immigrated here about 10 years ago. My family is what I value the most and it’s what helps me get through life. The second aspect is that I’ve been a Royal Canadian Air Cadet for the past three years. This program allowed me to grow as a person both mentally, and physically. It has also helped me develop my leadership skills and self esteem. The main reason I joined cadets was for the music. This brings me to my third point, my love for music. I learned to play many instruments, such as clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone and euphonium. Out of all these wonderful  instruments, the baritone saxophone holds a special place in my heart. I must admit it’s somewhat weird to feel such a connection with a piece of metal. Thanks to this undeniable connection, I had the chance to organize a two hour concert in a seniors residence with two of my friends. It was a rewarding experience and it allowed me to evolve as a musician. Music is extremely important to me. It is present in all the aspects of my life including my church’s choir in which I sing regularly. To conclude my first post, I would like to thank my amazing friends for helping me translate this. You know, I’m from Quebec. 😉

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