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My name is Alexandra, Miss Teenage Monteregie 2017! You’ve probably never heard of this place, but it’s my role to make it a little more known with your support. I will never forget the moment I was crowned. There were two places left and the tension was unimaginable. The moment I realized they called my name, I felt like I was going to fly. This title reminds me that I am able to fulfill my dreams and I hope that I will give you the inspiration to do the same.Through my eyes, every girl had a lot of potential and I am proud of every one of us. As my first pageant, this is an experience I will never forget and I am very excited to bring you with me on this journey!


There are three aspects of my life that define me. First of all, there’s my family. I have two brothers and a sister. Unlike many siblings, we are very close. I would even say that my sister is my best friend. We were born in Romania and immigrated here about 10 years ago. My family is what I value the most and it’s what helps me get through life. The second aspect is that I’ve been a Royal Canadian Air Cadet for the past three years. This program allowed me to grow as a person both mentally, and physically. It has also helped me develop my leadership skills and self esteem. The main reason I joined cadets was for the music. This brings me to my third point, my love for music. I learned to play many instruments, such as clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone and euphonium. Out of all these wonderful  instruments, the baritone saxophone holds a special place in my heart. I must admit it’s somewhat weird to feel such a connection with a piece of metal. Thanks to this undeniable connection, I had the chance to organize a two hour concert in a seniors residence with two of my friends. It was a rewarding experience and it allowed me to evolve as a musician. Music is extremely important to me. It is present in all the aspects of my life including my church’s choir in which I sing regularly. To conclude my first post, I would like to thank my amazing friends for helping me translate this. You know, I’m from Quebec. 😉

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