Saint-Jean-Baptiste is recognized as the national holiday of Quebecors, and celebrates the beginning of summer. This year it was celebrated with a circus theme during the Mozaik parade. It is the third consecutive year that I have taken part in the parade with the 867 squadron. We represented the legend of the Makesh. 
The legend of Makesh is a love story, telling the tale of a princess named Maya and her forbidden love for the simple king’s assistant. Since the princess was promised in marriage to the prince of another kingdom, her father, the king, convicted his assistant to a life under beetle form in order to silence the love of the forbidden couple. However, the shaman who transformed the young man into a beetle offered the insect to the princess. After receiving the beetle, the princess decided to decorate it with precious stones so that she could wear it as a living brooch tied to her heart for the rest of her life. For the parade, we brought the scarabs of the legend as well as the royal family to life.
I was representing the princess. All the costumes and elements of decoration were built by hand. It took several weeks but thanks to the amazing teamwork, it was a very pleasant and efficient experience. On the day of the parade I was very excited that the world could finally admire the product of all our hard work. Despite the rain, we went out in the streets with the other groups under the rhythm of the music pieces that we had practiced all year. In addition, the lights on the costumes truly rendered the visual effects captivating! The evening ended well with a wonderful show and fireworks. I would very much like to thank Tina Struthers who deserves credit for all this work. It was honestly the best parade and I hope I’ll get to do it again next year.
Written by: Alexandra
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